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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baptist Choral Fest: 3 Videos of Rehearsals


Friday, October 03, 2008

Ahhh haaa! I shall be late today! Will not be suckered again! Haaa haa!!!!

Eh you know, every time when we're done, I step back and feel really amazed. I mean, how the heck do we manage to pull off crazy looking banners every year with more insane looking cartoons and so many different colours with just a few pots of basic primary colours?!

Shall take a picture of our poorly neglected paint pots later. The purple so nice! And, I didn't buy purple!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Outrigger Island - Decor works

Day 1

Every year, it gets better. This year, Celesta's heading it, so we're going towards a more Eco-friendly route. Air-conditioning at 25 degrees! Save paper!

VBS '08, Outrigger Island.

Aiyo, my parents are watching 2Fast 2Furious. So noisy, I can scarcely hear myself typing.

Argh, one OHP blew a long time ago and no one got it fixed. So, we only got one left now, and that feels like dying too. Maybe it's time to use the projector, but it seems so mah fun leh. Anyway, thanks for coming, people!

See, I never worry! I can count on mah friends!


Celesta, "The papers are taller than me!"

Yay! Can start painting already!

Joel was saying something, but I didn't catch it until the last part.
" ... Eh... We've been doing for three years now." Haha! I suddenly remember I have his pictures leh! From three years ago! Can form a time line leh!



Year 2005....
*What the hell was I thinking with that hair sia?!*


Year 2006
*We're heading to the Arctic Edge, where adventure meets courage!*


Year 2007!
*Yeah Mr Lam, your son was here.*


And now, 2008! So cool now! No more monkey faces!


Me, "Man! Let's both continue to do this for another ten more years!"
Joel, "C'mon, you think the kids will let you? They'll get rid of us in a couple more year."

Okay, let's see the other faces for this year now!

Sambang. Bang! And, the dirt is gone!

Da niu.

Our newcomer of the year, se! Who decides she's still very giddy after several rapid rounds around the twirly-chair playset. *Walks to me before bathing* "I'm still very giddy...."

Painted until 4 plus before we decided to pack up. Left a few more stuff to be painted. And, we kept the theme banner for tomorrow. (Only because I couldn't find a colour printer in time)

If you squint closely in the next picture, you can see the Flag of China. We're wondering what it's doing there, "maybe one of the staff is from China!" when se said....

".... We should throw some milk powder on the flag!"

Day 2

I feel better after a bath!

I think, when you tell people to meet at 12, they will come at 1, 1.30 or later. Take tonight's conversation.

"So we're meeting what time tomorrow?"


"Oh. That means 12 la."

Painted the Tiki Signs. They are empty now, because the classroom locations are not arranged yet.


And, the theme banner for this year!

I know, it looks empty. But, it's not la! If you squint hard enough you can see the pencil markings! I tell you, it's a tradition to take this "blank" looking piece of paper. Halfway through painting, Joel suddenly jumped up and said, "We never take the 'before' picture!!!"

"I did la!"

"Oh, okay." *Goes back to work on his yellow parts.*

I think, as the years go by, you slowly stop getting to choose which parts to paint. Walao, this year it was ...

"I want to paint the green!"

"Can gimme paint the orange please........."

"I'll take the red!"

"No, I want to take the red. Can?"

"I wan paint the blue one! I wan paint the blue!"


"...... All right. I'll just take whatever colour you all don't want." =.=|||


*Think. Elves working hard here*

And, we're done!

Of course, everyone never fails to stand back and criticise our own work.

"Eh, you see here, not nice. That part you paint one lor."

" .... This part still got abit of white colour..."

"Walao!! Heck la! Is damn nice already lor!"


Let's all take a picture!!

*wx drags a chair to the back*

Take a proper one la!

*Ka Chhhink!*
CEC Decor Team 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Operation PG27: Complete

All the photographs from the event can be found here.

After about a week of planning by Ben, Daniel, Esther, May-Ann, Jeremy and Mandino, Operation PG27 was ready to launch. The sabo-sessions were done, the forfeits were bought, the appointment with pastor was set... everything was in motion.

Ben brought Pastor out for dinner, supposedly to talk about Yimei - May-Ann has sneakily planted the seeds of doubt in Pastor's mind - in United Square. They were taking soooooo long to come back though - they were supposed to return at 730, but tsk tsk, Pastor. Late for his own surprise party.

Tim acted as the "host" - a la "The Amazing Race":

After some wrangling, we managed to get the blindfold on Pastor... and proceeded upstairs for the torture celebration.

Apparently, not much of a surprise anymore, since someone had spilled the beans,
but there were more people than Pastor had expected, so... SURPRISE!

Then there were the "tekan" sessions: "酸甜苦辣" (sour sweet bitter spicy)
- except that we did them in the order of "苦辣酸甜" - saving the sweet for last.

(yes, that's fries with a whole load of wasabe!)

dying, dying...

crying, crying...
(some more at first he said "no kick!"

Super lemon + PURE lime juice = sour face.




Couldn't resist one last sermon... :)



many, many photos!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

TRBC CEC2007: Some music practice

We really need to make a "how to" video like Jeff Slaughter for all our songs... if not quite wasted.

Arctic Edge (VBS/CEC2006 theme song)

I Reach Up High (??? - one of many)

And the perennial favourite - The Donut Song


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Glue, glue and more glue

I'm pretty sure the structure we see at the end of the construction's only going to LOOK like it's made of cardboard - but in actuality, it's a glue structure through and through. When the amount spent on glue exceeds that spent on cardboard, it's a glue structure, no matter what anyone tells you.

And of course, the highlight of the entire day was watching Chun Wai's amazing fingers solve the Rubik Cube again and again and again... he's one of those people who will take the Cube apart in order to oil it to make the turns go smoother. When we were video-ing him, his Cube "exploded" when he finished. Take a look:

(for the world's fastest guy, look here)


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